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Ms. Myrna Rogers

Certified Child Pageant Judge ACPJAWV, OH, FL
Home Phone: 352-807-7301
Photo of Ms. Myrna Rogers

Biographical Info

Ms. Myrna Rogers of Dade City, Florida is interested in judging Semi-Glitz and Natural Pageants.  Some of her experiences include:

  • Worked in the medical industry for over 30 years.
  • Named by “Jeb Bush” as one of 2005’s Most Influential Business Women in Florida
  • Past Cheerleader Coach
  • Past Board Member for Little League Baseball
  • Member of Parkersburg Women’s Club
  • Member of American Baptist Women’s Ministries of WV

Myrna says, “I have interviewed thousands of candidates for jobs in the medical industry for years.   I love having the opportunity to meet the candidates and learn why they believe they should represent our company.  What unique quality do they bring to the table, how they handle challenges and how they are constantly improving their self.  I believe this same concept applies to Pageant Contestants who want to represent their Community, State or Country.  The spirit of competition and putting their best step forward is a fun and exciting opportunity that will allow the Pageant Contestant compete and grow as an individual person and as person who serves our community.”  She is available to judge pageants in WV, Ohio and Central Florida.

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