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Welcome to the American Child Pageant Judges Association - ACPJA Child Pageant Judge Certification Test

This is the ACPJA Child Pageant Judge Certification Test only and does not include the online course training. This test is for people already a little experienced in the industry.


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Become an ACPJA Certified Judge in 4 easy steps!

1. Take & Pass ACPJA Child Pageant Judge Certification Test

When you take the ACPJA Child Pageant Judge Certification Test, you will be tested on 8 different categories. Out of a pool of 100 questions, you will be randomly given 25 questions. Each question is worth 4 points. You need to score 80% to pass the test. If you fail the test, you are allowed to take it again, only once. If you pass the test, you will move on to the background check.

2. Pass The Background Check

You will be required to undergo a national background, sex-offender, and violent crimes search. Any prior activity will disqualify your membership and application to ACPJA. Pass the background check and get your certification.

3. Get Your Child Pageant Judge Certification

You will receive a certificate notification by e-mail that you have passed the test. Your profile will be marked with a certificate badge. You will also receive your certificate by email should you make that request.

4. Register as a Child Pageant Judge

You are now ready to register as a judge on the site. Our Judges Registry is closed to the general public and only available to Premium members. That means that only Pageant Directors and Event Planners who are actually looking for judges will have access to your contact information. Your profile will include a photo, a short bio, and the states that you are willing to judge.

Child Pageant Judge Certification Course
Take the ACPJA Child Pageant Judge Certification Test only, without the online training course. This is for people alrACPJA Child Pageant Judge Certification Test - miss gateway beauty pageant
Judges at Judges Table for American Child Pageant Judges Association

Start Judging Pageants

How are pageant judges selected? Well, if you are a certified child pageant judge you can bet you'll move to the front of the line. Let people know that you are a Certified ACPJA judge! Directors can verify your certification by the certification badge on your profile and in the Judges Registry. Be proud that you have acquired a legitimate certification to give your opinion at a child beauty pageant contest. Remember to Share our Facebook page and invite other judges and directors to ACPJA for their pageant judging needs.

Judges at Child Pageant Judges Table - American Child Pageant Judges Association - ACPJA Certification Course & Registry

Clients share their experience

I'm so excited to be a part of this group!
To me the certification course was easy and the reading that the course gave me was helpful. It was a good experience especially seeing my certificate. The greatest value to getting certified is having a way to prove that I have the skills to be a great judge. The certificate is also is a benefit that demonstrates my commitment and professionalism to the industry I’d recommend it to other people wanting to get certified.
Getting certified by ACPJA was a very smooth process and easy for me but I've judged for decades plus I train judges. When coaching judges, I often recommend getting certified.

So many judges have no clue what look for.

For me there are two things that are the greatest value of being certified -

1. Being knowledgeable when judging so judges are able do the best job possible.

And 2. Clout. Being certified really helps judges establish credibility in the industry.

One point I often need to share with people is… just because you happened to win a pageant does not qualify you as a judge. Getting certified helps train the next generation of judges.

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Take The Judge Pageant Certification Test!


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