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Lauralee Andrea Veitch

Certified Child Pageant Judge ACPJATX, FL, AZ, NV, MI, CA, LA
Cell Phone: 832-380-9015 Anniversary: May 30, 2018
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Lauralee got a late start on the pageant scene when in her 40’s she was asked to enter a small local pageant to promote the nearby city.  After winning her division she was hooked and became involved in competing in State and National level pageants and was asked to begin judging.  She spends a lot of her off time volunteering at various organizations and events and has had the opportunity to volunteer at special needs pageants as well.

I’ve seen girls growing into the poised, eloquent women through pageantry and couldn’t be more proud to be involved. I have witnessed the benefits of instilling a sense of giving back to the community through volunteer work associated with pageants. It makes my heart happy to see our youth out there volunteering.  We are seeing the youth involved in pageantry flourish into distinguished, respectable individuals who are able to present their views intelligently and respectably.

Lauralee is available to judge in Texas, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, California, Louisiana

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