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Mrs. Cierra Pinckard

Certified Child Pageant Judge ACPJAGA
Home Phone: (912) 334-9770 Anniversary: March 30, 2018
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Biographical Info

Cierra Pinckard is married to Casey Pinckard of Claxton, Ga. Working as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer at Claxton Poultry Farms, Inc. MondayFriday, Cierra looks forward to her pageant events on the weekends. Pageants started long ago for Cierra Pinckard and she has had a love for watching, judging and competing in them since the first pageant she curled her hair for in 2003. Cierra Pinckard now has a daughter, Ruby Lace, that competes with her mom’s help being she is 6 months old and has 2 titles as of now. Cierra also has 2 boys she enjoys watching play baseball, from diamonds on a field to diamonds in a crown Cierra’s life couldn’t be more fulfilling. I am willing to judge in the state of Georgia.

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