Mission Statement

American Child Pageant Judges (ACPJA) was founded for the purpose of providing safe, qualified judges to child pageants across the nation. 

Our founders have many years of experience participating, organizing, directing and judging child pageants. After many years in the pageant business, it became clear that finding qualified, child-safe judges would continue to be a challenge. It was essentially necessary to create a platform for providing this very needed service to the pageant community. Now in 2016, we have created such a platform with the hopes of preserving the craft and integrity, and growing the businesses of child-pageants across America.

One hundred percent of our proceeds are donated to charity.

20 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am interested in becoming a judge. I have been involved in our local Ashtabula County Covered bridge pageant since it was started 4 years ago. Also I have judge a couple local pagents. I was our county fair king in 2006.
    My question is do you get paid or is it volunteer? Not sure how the professional pagents run.

    1. Hello Joshua,

      It really depends on the pageant if you get paid or not and your agreement with the pageant Director. I would hope that pageant directors are compensating judges for their time. With the ACPJA certification, I would definitely expect to be compensated as a judge.

      Thank you,

  2. Hello! I am a pageant professional who has experience in competition, judging, coaching, and directing. I am interested in taking the course since I don’t have much experience judging child pageants, but I would like to know if there will be anymore specials?

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